What does happiness mean to YOU ? Learn the Hidden Secrets of Happiness. (Part 01)

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I know How you feel pain. I can understand how depressed you are! You always think of your life, what should you do, what to accomplish so that your family, friends, and society appreciate your efforts. Or maybe you are too concerned about the problems you are facing every day.  


But you know Life is not a bed of roses, in this short period have lots of opportunities, love, respect, and the happiest moment but you can't deny the problems or difficulties that life gives. It is YOU, who have to stand strong, have to think extensively to face those problems.


I am not here to motivate you or give you the cheapest scripted lecture. I am not here to do it. 


Today, I would love to share with you the facts or the rational reasons for being sad and depressed and I'm going to share How to have inner peace in Your life. 


Let's start, Did you ever ask yourself? "Do I have any other option to live my life without being upset, sad, or demotivated?  Maybe not. You are so busy with your negative thoughts that you have forgotten that many people lead their life peacefully and happily. 


Through the years I have found many people who don't have their residence, they always struggle with their poverty, lacking higher education, and the absence of materialistic life. But I saw their smiles that come from their heart, their happiness with their families and friends. They can sleep at night early without thinking of anything. Sometimes I feel like I could live their life. They feel like they are the king of that world where they own everything. The sky as a roof, the rivers as swimming pool, family and friends as a bodyguard. It's like the world is for them.


Did you know? What's their reason to be happy without having much property, much money, or even though they don't have their home? They rent.  


And ask yourself, What's Your reason to be sad, depressed, and exhausted instead of having your residence, taking higher education, getting delicious foods, and living with your parents and friends. 


So, What's the difference between You and those satisfied people? Is MINDSET. Your focuses, views, priorities, fundamentals, life objectives are different from the satisfied or happy people. Now I wanna ask you a question. Why do you live? Are you living just because you have to work, or are you working to live a better life? Where do you focus on your living or your working? 


I found many people,  years and years they are being educated, they are investing money and Most Valuable Time, such that they might get good work. Even when they find a job, they still blame their life, searching for happiness. 


What do you think isn't a waste of life to get a job that still fails to make your life happier? Isn't there anything wrong with our mindset, point of view? 


You may have a question, How Mindset will help me to be happy? When you set the mindset, you will start realizing your priorities, your focusing points, and you will understand what is valuable to you and what is not. 


For example, your mindset will separate you from everything that bothers you and makes you frustrated.  You will be searching for the real values that help you to be satisfied. 


If you find yourself distracted by negative people, your mindset will deprive you of negative people.  If you face a problem with your relation, family, career, you will search for solutions to solve them, you will not keep your problems and suffer.  Your mind will continuously ask questions How can I solve my problems? What should I do? With whom should I talk to solve my problems? How should I Manage My Stress? Instead of blaming your life.


You will start valuing your time, family, freedom, your potential abilities, and your mental health over a temporary job, unmarried relation with a man or woman, bad habits. You will start educating yourself by focusing on self-education. Academic education won't hamper your continuous improvement in yourself.  


Hare, a video where you can see how badly people have become a racer, where they don't care about happiness, family, friends, or mental health. They are racing with each other, and forget about their destination. Their foolishness compared to the rat race.



Here's a conclusion, I would love to request you to build a powerful mindset. And then Prepare Yourself with High Demanded Future Skills. Live a purposeful life. Don't waste your time and life being depressed. Life is too short to regret. Let's be grateful. Grateful for everything we have, everything we are using from our Creator. Let's dream of a satisfying life where we are happy and we make people happy too. 


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Very soon we will meet with the second part of that series, The hidden secrets of the science of happiness. Till may Allah protect you.  




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