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Is your time equals to currency? Learn the hidden secrets of Happiness. (Part 02) | Think Brainy

Is your time equals to currency? Learn the hidden secrets of Happiness. (Part 02)

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"Time is Money" is a very popular myth in our society. Motivational speakers always try to quote it to inspire us to earn money. And you set your mind to earning money and making it a purpose for your life. 

But did you ever ask Yourself what values most for you? What exactly matters for you? Time and freedom or Money? In part 1, I showed, How your mindset defines your values, priorities, and objectives. 

In this part, I am going to show you the facts about money, the real value of it? The hidden secrets of money, how the money monetary system works. And how this system causes your depression. 

So, let's start. Imagine you have a shirt, you want it to wash outside. So, you have to give it to the clothes washing shop. They will give you a voucher for your shirt. The voucher will contain the returning date and payment ratio of your shirt. 

When you give the voucher to the shop owner he might back your shirt. Now, the question is.  What value does the voucher contain? Which one has a significant shirt or voucher? 

You will say the shirt contains the value and the voucher represents the shirt's value. If the shirt is lost or destroyed will the voucher still be valuable? 

The answer is, No. Because the voucher is worthless, just paper, nothing else. The shirt envelops the voucher's value.  

Now compare the example with the money monetary system that has been used in today's world.   The paper we are using as money,  compared to the voucher, represents the value of reserves. Where the reserve's role is an example of the shirt. In today's monetary system, the dollars are counted as reserves, and the other currencies like taka, ruppie, the lira, etc are counted as the voucher for dollars. Where dollars and currencies have no value at all. Those are just some papers. They cost very little. Our confidence and faith are giving strength to those papers. The full monetary system is a fraud. It's stealing time and freedom from people by just giving some papers. 

But once gold and silver were used as real money and in exchange for gold and silver people would get the signature or the currency of gold. They could get back their gold and silver in return for currency. At that time, gold and silver were reserved. And for safety currencies were used to trade. But after 1971 the system was changed, the dollar took the place of gold and silver.  And you no longer get your gold in exchange for your paper currencies. Gold and Silver became illegal for use as money. But gold and silver were used as money for thousands of years. Gold has its value. Where dollars and currencies don't have any significance at all. Still, the dollar has been in use for 50 years. You are being paid by papers but it has no value and significance at all. Your time, efforts, wealth, knowledge is being transferred only for the irrelevant currencies or papers.   

That's how you are being cheated by the system. There is no actual money in the world.  Only you are being fraud with papers whether dollars or currencies.  But, you are not conscious of the system. You are just running after the papers thinking it's money. You are selling your time, giving your freedom to the capitalist system just for nothing, just for some piece of paper. 

The following video will give you information about money. You would know how money is being created, who is creating it?  And numbers enslaving people? 

You might ask, how can we live without those currencies? Yes, you are right, the system spreads in this way you can't deny it or escape from it. But you can be aware. You can set your priority, value your real things.  

Your time matters a lot, use it properly, focus on your personal development. Don't ignore your family bondings, time, freedom, purpose just because of those Fiat currencies.  Start valuing your life, your health, your relationship, everything you need. You need knowledge, you need skills, you need gold and silver, real estate, your family. You need what matters for your life: your mental peace. What values your life. 

You are thinking about how the given information is related to happiness? To know that answer, ask yourself why most people are depressed? What made people divided into several classes? 

Obviously, the so-called money, I mean paper currencies. 

Capitalism made your mind currency or paper-oriented, you started judging people with paper currencies, you measured people, and valued the potential by measuring the number of papers. Your life purpose and motives become fully papers focused. You count your happiness, love, emotion, everything with numbers and papers. That's why the more you earn the more you become depressed. Your mind wants more.  

But human happiness lies in the state of mind. It's about being happy to be happy. You have to choose to be happy. When you get rid of this monetary scheme, you will start living your life and valuing your time, inner peace, family, relationships most. You will use your time to learn skills, utilize your potential abilities. When you face the contrast between time and paper, you will realize what is most valuable for you. And it is time. You will use paper to save time and mental health, you would never think of selling your time, sacrificing your freedom, happiness just for those paper currencies, or so-called money.  

In a nutshell, you are depressed because you are searching for your happiness in the wrong place. You are giving much importance to the cheapest thing. It is your time. By using it you can develop your abilities and earn real money. Have a nice moment with your family and friends. You can tour the world, You no longer avoid people just because of papers. And those papers will not jerk off your happiness and mental peace.  

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