keep working during the Coronavirus Outbreak

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Since the coronavirus outbreak, businesses all over the world are facing hard times. Due to shutdowns all over the globe, hardly any business can run on regular levels. Many already started putting off workers. And nobody can predict how much longer this will go on. 

Of course, health has a top priority. We aren’t medical doctors but we want to shine a light on the business side of the corona outbreak. 

In this article, certain business models are presented with some opportunities and strategies for improvement that work almost any business type. 

01. Go Online: 

This is the first thing that many businesses are already doing. To prevent the virus from spreading, it’s mostly preferred to stay at home. If your business was based on offline tools so far, now is the time to switch. Many businesses start to work online based. It allows the workers to access all they need to form home. 

If you are a local business owner, the best website you can use to be online based and get connected with your local customers is By logging in by this website you can sell, promote your products to your zonal customers.

2. Sell Online Programs:

As most of the people stuck at home. And those people are bored. That’s why right now, they take the time to learn something new. So, you can sell online courses or training. The best online programs to sell right now? Anything that teaches people a new skill. Anything that prepares them to work remotely later. 

As most schools are closed too. Businesses who sell learning software and programs for kids and youngster also do quite well right now. 

3. Educate Your Audience 

People want to keep updated on the crisis daily. If your business can provide valuable information then you build trust with your audience. Maybe this work doesn’t generate revenue right away but you’ll profit from it in the long run. 

4. Be Helpful Not Seller 

Some businesses do very well in these hard times by just being helpful. They create online platforms where people can communicate. They aren’t sales or pitchy. Instead, they just raise awareness and maybe ask for donations.

Again, this might not make you money right away, but it’s a useful thing to do and increases trust. Even after the crisis, people will remember what you did. 

5. Online Coaching:

If you are a coach who used to coach the English language and business owners to get better, you might be able to easily switch to online coaching. It’s a huge opportunity right there as many people have time and need for coaching right now. 

Doing coachings online will actually save you and prospects time, as nobody has to commute. Many coaches already work online exclusively. This way, you can work with clients from all over the world. That’s, of course, a much bigger audience than work locally.

6. Show Care:

If you are a local business and you are allowed to operate regularly, then here’s what you want to do. Keep an extra eye on hygiene and sanitize the office or workspaces often. 

7. Build Relationships:

In bad times, businesses who have a face do better than businesses who hide behind a logo. Show your audience who you are and what you stand for. Maybe they can’t buy from you right now but they will remember you when the crisis is over. Sometimes just being present is the best thing you can do. 

8. Health Products: 

There are quite many opportunities for planning up in the health industry right now. More than ever, people are concerned about their immune system. And even when the virus is gone, the awareness about health will stay. If you sell health products now is the time to step up. 

9. Delivery Services: 

While people can’t go out and eat in restaurants right now, food delivery services heighten. Many delivery services offer a contactless delivery. Instead of handing the food to you at the doorstep, they just drop it off. This way, any contact is avoided and chances for infection are extremely low. 

It’s a great way of adding extra value. The customer loves to feel cared for.

10. Focus On The Long Term Game:

Focusing on the long term game means to consider how things will be once the crisis is over. If you lay off your employees right now, how will you go on later? If you add extreme pressure to them now, how will they be able to trust you later? In hard times it’s easy to lose your temper and to upload the stress onto others. Instead, start building your strategy now you are ready as soon as worst of the crisis is over.

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