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How do I set up my profile on Easyfie? | Think Brainy

How do I set up my profile on Easyfie?

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When you registered your easyfie account and edit your general setting, your next step is to decorate your profile setting. For that, you have to tap on the menu and select the profile settings.

Selecting your profile settings, you will have to fulfil the information requirements. The profile settings' appearance depends on your selection of profession. When you select yourself as a business owner, profile settings will require your business information like when do you open your business, what do you sell, what facilities do you have. 


And when you select your profession as a service holder, you have to provide your personal information like your skills, courses, achievements, hobbies. If you want to make a portfolio website to create your personal digital identity, you must select your profession as a service holder.


If you already have your website, your profile settings is most important, as that information will be redirected to your website. So be aware of delivering your information. If you didn’t claim your website yet, click here to claim your website.

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