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How e-commerce killing local stores future!

It is redefining commercial activities around the world. Over the year's E-Commerce become a vast industry of trillion dollars. Now customers are shifting their interests on online shopping from brick and mortar stores or traditional stores.


That's how local stores are losing their customers and their revenue day by day. We have forgotten the impact of local stores on our economy.

A large number of people's earning depends on traditional stores. They are being jobless and facing financial problems due to low sells. The trends show the worst future of local stores. 

We mustn't deny the positive impact of traditional stores. We need to develop local commerce and e-commerce together. Otherwise, both will be the competitor of each other and local stores will be replaced by e-commerce. That will bring a terrible future for local stores.    

At this time, the very important question we must ask, How can we make our local stores survive with technology and the digital revolution? How can we save millions of people's employment and livelihoods? 

The Exploration of e-commerce 

Let us look at Statistics and Trends that depict the growth of e-commerce globally. We are going to describe the growth of e-commerce according to a report published in 2019 by Aaron Oren Diff. 

The report presents statistics and Trends about e-commerce since 2014 and also give estimates of the future of eCommerce up to 2021.

The revolution of the e-commerce industry is a worldwide opportunity for business. The growing rate is dramatically increasing day by day. From 2014 to 2020 it increased to 1.3 Trillion dollars to 4.1 Trillion dollars. The growth might estimate 4.9 Trillion dollars by 2021. 

Can you imagine? How fast it's growing. The result scares me a lot. We can predict the future, if we don't focus on local stores, our local stores will be shut down very soon. 

Did you see the shocking news of America? In America, 8000 local stores shut down because of losing revenue and customers. And 9000 local stores shut down in 2019. All this because people

are not interested in the go-to store for shopping, rather they choose to shop from home and by mobile. People love to buy from online, but local stores are not online-based.  

On other hand, we are focusing to build only one industry e-commerce without paying attention to local commerce and traditional stores. That's why in near future, the local stores will be replaced by e-commerce, that time we may lose millions of small businesses and employment. 

Now, you might be realise the importance of making local stores online based too. 

So, we must find out a way where brick and mortar stores or local stores can grow with e-commerce. E-Commerce is an invisible competitor of local stores. It that case, because of technology, e-commerce will boom but local stores will be left behind. 

So, Whats the ways? 

There are some ways to make local stores online based. But those ways are not effective enough. 

A local store can go online shopping by social media and creating their own e-commerce website . 

But the problem is, Social Media is so addictive, people use social media to be connected with their friends, or for addiction not for buying anything. So, they avoid every ad they get from any page. They feel irrterate with your products instead of being interested. 

Furthermore, business owners have to spend a lot of money online boost up their pages. Becauese the algarithm of social media is desighned to reach your page to your audience when you boost otherwise it will give very little reach. That's why you might spend money continiously to run your business. In that case, small business owners will not be interested to go social media based online. 

Another way is having a own website is not effective too, because our local stores owners are not technical enough to maintain a website, also thay may have to spend a big amount to develop a website by a developer and the might be fully depend on developer for every task like, product uploading, offer giving, blog writing etc. As those are continious works for a website. 

So that doesnt work too. 

We have to find out such a solution where, local stores can have an affordble and easy maintaince able website. Such that, they can upload their products by their own, and can be connected with their custumers with their own brand identity easily. 

So, whats that? Easyfie.com is created only to solve this crucial problem for small businesses or local stores. 

What is easyfie? 

Easyfie.com is an online platform, where local stores can sell, promote, and offer their products to their nearby customers easily. It's a social site but not for hang out with friends, and uploading personal issues like other social media. It is designed only for entrepreneurs or business owners. The difference from other social media is , instead of posting your own pictures you will post your services and products. Instead of writing your feeling you will write blog in this platform. That's how you can sale, promote, shout, blogging your products and services.

How does it work? 

The business owners have to open an business profile on easyfie.com website or app. Then you will get an access to the platform where you will get own business profile as online shops. Then you will get your new online shop. And its totally free of cost. 

Create your own brand identity with easyfie.com

Easyfie is offering you a website with your own brand identity. Its not a sub-domain. It will be your own domain name. The difference of this website from others is easy maintains and easy to use. You will be uploading your services and products from easyfie app, those will be uploaded on your website automatically. You will not have to know CMS, Coding, HTML, etc. If you can use a social media you will able to use your website. 

Most important, the money, your costing will be half even more less from creating other website. 

Easyfie website is affordable, easy to use, addiction free, and best platform for selling online for local stores.

So, join now, download the app or visit easyfie.com website and create your business profile to go online. Best of luck.



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