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How to create an account on Easyfie Website

Creating an account on Easyfie is too easy. Just to follow a few steps. 


Step 01 :

Go to www.easyfie.com/login and press the login button. If you are already registered give your username and password but if you are not registered, follow the steps to register your account. And be aware of giving your username without any space and make sure it is unique.


Step 02 :

An Email will be sent to your email address from easyfie. Check it and confirm your registration. When you have done your registration, enter your username and password and login in Easyfie website. Now tap on your name and edit your avatar and cover. And provide your basic information in the way you are instructed. 


In your general setting, you have to ensure your name, address, about, and select your profession as a Business owner or a Service Holder. . Here, you will find two options to start your journey as a Business Owner or as a Service Holder. It will define your profile setting appearance.



Step 03 :

Now decorate your profile setting; the profile settings appearance will depend on your professional selection; give your business information or personal information for a complete profile. 


Step 04 :

Now go to your Home and click on the blank box showing click here to create, here, you will be able to post your product, service, offer, shout, and blogs. Now enjoy your business with Easyfie.


For your help :

Create your account on Easyfie: www.easyfie.com/login 

Visit our website: www.easyfie.com 

Email: [email protected] 

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/easyfie

WhatsApp : +8801715162718

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